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  • Video Surveillance

    Watch your home or business inside or out with indoor/outdoor camera options

    Home and Business security can go beyond standard burglary coverage. Add indoor or outdoor camera's for access to watch your property whether your home or away. Watch your children, the babysitter, the landscaper, employees, or would be trespassers.

    Keep Watch from Anywhere

    Nowadays, technology has changed everything – including how we monitor our homes and businesses. An intense digital upgrade to yesterday’s tape-monitoring systems, we install top-end video surveillance equipment that won’t cost a fortune, and we back it with a standard of service that sets us apart.

    • Visual exterior deterrent: A would-be thief will likely move on when they see exterior cameras tracking their every move
    • Subtle interior monitoring: Elegant interior surveillance enables you to watch live on your smartphone – whether you’re keeping an eye customers or managing employees
    • Convenience and safety in a single package: Each installation is custom, based on your needs and the specifications of your property

    Digital Access When You Need It

    We create a stored record that you can access anytime as part of our Total Connect system.

    • 30-second clips via wireless cameras: Our first-level option keeps you covered with regularly captured video images
    • 24/7, DVR-powered monitoring: Sites that require more comprehensive surveillance can opt for a complete capture stored on a hard drive in five-week cycles, no videotape required

    Make the Connection

    and home alarms systems alike are bolstered by video records and safeguarding – and it’s all about the people behind the service. See why service sets Atlantic Alarm apart: Contact us for a free on-site analysis today.