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  • Takeovers & Reactivations

    Do you already have an alarm system installed in your home or business? Did you know you could reactivate it without installing new equipment? The helpful and highly trained staff at Atlantic Alarm Systems and Services is excited about making sure you, your family and your business are protected. Even better, you could save money while doing it. Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help protect your most prized possessions.

    See the difference.

    1. What is a takeover?

    A takeover is an attempt to reactivate someone’s existing equipment previously installed by another provider. Age, manufacturer, and condition are some challenges met when working to take over previously installed systems, but the highly trained professionals at Atlantic Alarm are always up for a challenge. It's fairly common to replace the operating system and keypad, which in most cases is a minimal one-time cost.

    2. How does it work?

    With common systems like Honeywell or Ademco, new signals are sent to Atlantic Alarm Systems and Services Monitoring Center. The system is then tested and new keypad codes are issued for the customer. It is common for customers to add to the system in order to fulfill their personal security needs. This is a seamless process requiring the installation and integration of additional devices chosen by the customer. A qualified representative can help you choose the right alarm system add-ons for your specific needs.

    3. What does the takeover process entail?

    The existing system is assessed first by a trained professional to see what can or cannot be used and then a solution is provided to begin the takeover. Our goal is to utilize as much existing equipment as possible in order to reduce costs for the customer. Takeovers are common for both Residential and Commercial applications.

    4. What are the benefits for home and business owners to choose this method?

    For starters, the potential savings for customers! Most customers who complain about their previous security company are frustrated with long wait times for service calls, constant increases in monitoring rates, slow monitoring response times, and unreliable or outdated equipment that constantly malfunctions. Atlantic Alarm Systems and Services has a typical 24-48 hour timeframe for service calls should a customer need a technician to come out. In many instances we can get someone there the same day. Our monitoring response time is extremely fast and we have multiple centers to accommodate our customers. We use state of the art equipment in our installs ensuring reliability, integrity, and the peace of mind every customer deserves.

    5. Why is Atlantic Alarm a good choice for my takeover?

    In our experience most takeovers are quick and easy. However, it is important to note that some systems are very outdated, damaged, or were improperly installed in the first place, so situations may vary. Our FREE consultation will allow one of Atlantic Alarm’s trained professionals to educate the potential customer about the process and notify them about any costs that may be required.

    Most alarm system and service providers prefer to install all new equipment solely because it is an opportunity to make a steep profit off of new customers. At Atlantic Alarm Systems and Services we believe in saving our customers time and money, so unless a brand new system is required to takeover the alarm, we will go to great lengths to try and work with the existing equipment, which generally isn’t a problem.

    We pride ourselves on fast, professional and reliable service. The affordability and quality of our products and services is unmatched by competitors. Unfortunately, over the years many companies, especially the "big" name providers have lost sight of what’s important, focusing solely on raising rates and providing less than adequate service. For our team at Atlantic Alarm, the customer experience is always top priority. We have thrived on referrals because we take care of our customers, understand their specific situations and needs, and work with them to provide the service that they deserve. As a result, we have a long list of longer-term, loyal customers, who we very much appreciate. We treat every business or residential property as if it's our own. This philosophy keeps customers happy, keeps us running as a sound, reliable security company. Call us today for a FREE consultation to assess your concerns with your current security provider and the equipment in your home or business.