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  • Automation, Temperature and Lighting Control

    Home and business automation is the wave of the future. Having the ability to arm/disarm your system or even operate your thermostat and lighting from a smartphone or the internet puts you in complete control anywhere in the world. How great would it be to receive text and email alerts when your employees or family members come over and disable your alarm? That's power...and we provide it.

    Temperature Control

    Having the ability to cut down on energy costs in this economy is an extremely valuable tool. At Atlantic Alarm we can replace your existing thermostats with Z-WAVE thermostats that communicate with your smartphone and the internet so you can control heat and air conditioning no matter where you may be.

    • Wireless installation: Wireless systems maintain the elegant look of your property
    • Not triggered by pets: Our systems pair smarts with sensitivity, and aren’t activated by pets
    • Design-sensitive lighting: Our protective systems align seamlessly with your property aesthetic
    • An affordable option: Solutions are designed to be easy on your wallet

    Lighting Control

    With Z-WAVE lighting control you can operate standard lamps to even overhead lighting from any location. Walking into a well-lit home or business provides peace of mind and safety and we have the solutions to meet these needs.

    Make the Connection

    Contact Atlantic Alarm today for a free on-site analysis, including custom recommendations on how your NJ home security system or commercial alarm system can leverage light and motion-detection for worry-free protection.