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    The 6150 is the standard keypad offered with most non-self contained unit. It is used with Vista panels. It has police and fire panic buttons, chime feature to alert opening and closing events, and an LCD digital display which is backlit for ease of use in the dark. The keypad also has a door that protects the buttons from being tampered with by children.


    The 6150V is an upgrade to the standard keypad and has all of the same functions plus it speaks the status (ex: system armed, system disarmed, front door open ..etc). It too has an LCD digital display. It is used with Vista panels. The 6150V also has the ability to leave a personal msg in the device that can be retrieved by any user in the future.


    The 6160 keypad has all of the same features as the 6150 except it has a an LCD Fixed English Display showing ACTUAL zones rather than numbered zones.


    The 6160V carries the same functions as the 6150V keypad except it has an LCD Fixed English Display to show ACTUAL zone locations rather than numbered locations. It is used with Vista panels. This is the perfect burglar alarm keypad option for the customer that has many zones.


    The 6160CR2 keypad is an addressable remote keypad used specifically for FIRE intrusion applications only which is the reason for its color. It is used with Vista panels. These keypads are commonly used for Commercial Burglary Intrusion applications. It is an LCD Fixed English keypad with protective door.


    The 6460S keypad is used with non self contained units. This keypad is perfect option for a customer who has concerns with “specific aesthetics” of their installation. It is used with Vista panels. Its comes in Silver or Black so it will match your stainless steel appliances, color scheme or color needs. It is also a talking keypad with an LCD Fixed English Display.


    The LYNX Plus keypad is a SELF CONTAINED unit which also holds the control panel and hidden siren for quick and easy installations without unwanted excessive drilling. It has an LCD Fixed English Display and also contains the voice feature and message feature. This keypad has the ability to carry a GSMVLP which is a cell device that eliminates the need for a customers home phone line making the burglar alarm signal “wireless” to a monitoring center. A perfect solution for those customers without a phone line or concerned about a phone line being cut by an intruder.


    The LYNX TOUCH keypad is an upgrade to the standard LYNX and is also a self contained unit. It has TOTAL CONNECT 2.0 wifi capability so that you can arm and disarm your burglar alarm from a smart-phone or computer. It can even operate lights or thermostats. It has a 4.7 inch touch screen display which eliminates the traditional buttons from other keypads. This keypad also has the GSMVLP cell device option that can be added. The Lynx Touch too has a messaging service built in.


    The TUXEDO TOUCH keypad is a 7 inch high resolution graphic touch screen that functions as an integrated security system, home controller, camera viewer, and digital picture frame all in one. It typically is used with all Vista panels in a non self contained installation application. It works with Z-Wave devices like thermostats, lighting control, and even appliances or window shades. This keypad talks and also functions like a computer. Check weather reports, sports, you name it, the Tuxedo Touch has it all. It’s the Ferrari of all keypads and comes in Silver or White.